How to Download Kies 3 for Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 uses Kies 3 for software upgrade and other useful functions.  Kies 3 is the utility software tool for updating your Samsung Galaxy S5 Android OS to any latest software update releases. Other than that there also other useful benefits of using Kies 3, including sync contacts, schedules, photos, music and videos from your computer to your Galaxy S5, back-up and restore your mobile data and among other stuff. Kies 3 is a free utility tool created by Samsung for their Android phone consumers. Some Samsung Galaxy S5 users do not use Kies, mostly these users are those with carrier branded Samsung Galaxy S5 devices which particularly received or delivered by their particular mobile network operators through over the air as so-called ‘OTA update’. But for those with unbranded or unlocked version of Samsung Galaxy S5 and did not experienced receiving any software update from ‘OTA’ before may only subject to use Kies 3.

How to Download Kies 3?

Kies 3 can be downloaded at Samsung’s official website, each country has it’s own Samsung particular support pages. To download Kies you must head-over to your specific country support page to download the right version of Kies 3 which also translated into different languages formats.
USA is here –
Canada is here –
For international Galaxy S5 users, you may look-up for your country here –
Once on Samsung website, just search for the Kies 3 download page or just simply enter Kies 3 in the search box field. You must choose Kies 3 and not the old version of Kies for it will not work on Samsung Galaxy S5 which runs on latest Android ecosystem. There are two software build formats down there which is particularly built for Windows and MAC computers.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Kies Software update

Installation and Using Kies 3

From Samsung’s page, look for the botton that says Kies tutorial in there. You may simply watch the flash video tutorial or read the downloaded tutorial documents.

Kies 3 tutorial

So that’s it, you might have now downloading the Kies 3 for your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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  1. very much frustrated, i just bought samsung s5 it does not come with kies 3 software. i’m trying to download samsung kies 3. i cant South Africa.
    please help.

    1. Dear when u have new virsion 5.0.1 or 5.1.1 so please tell me i am also here in bahrain.. if u want help about 5.0 so i can update your phone ok.. my number.. 66902280

  2. Samsung SM-900A unlocked, using on Cricket. Has 4.4.2 on it. A few issues:

    OTA says software is up to date.

    KIES says “This is the latest firmware”, and when selecting TOOLS->Firmware Upgrade and Initialization, KIES says: ” “” does not support initializing.”

    Cricket claims to be pushing lollypop, but the fact that my phone is not getting an update (even to 4.4.4) means it is not capable. Any merit to this? Samsung suggested I go to Best Buy and have them flash my phone using Smart Tool – but I can’t keep going to a Best Buy whenever I want an update.

    1. (SM-G900A, not SM-900A)

      Also, I have just noticed that the serial number on the sticker under the battery is different that within the Status page of Andoid. The serial number field in the status page in Android looks like an error code: e711d8ca

  3. hello everyone!!can i downgrade my s5??i upgraded to the latest version 5.0 and it stuck a lot!!!please help me!!!

  4. hi ..just bought my s5 yesterday . i m an expat living in russia ..i tried to download kies 3 from samsung site .it downloaded but said i need cx21134 engine to run the regedit.exe in this wrapper ! please gratefully accepted

  5. i tried using odin 3 tool to reflash the new stock rom but it keeps saying fail. my system triped of mistakenly when i was upgrading last. thats why please what do i do?

  6. Please Samsung Galaxy S5 Kies 3 for Ecuador.
    “por favor como puedo verificar si tengo instalado kies 3 en mi cel o a su ves como descargar Kies 3 para Samsung 5 para Ecuador. saludos cordiales”

  7. Been trying to download the English version of KIES 3 for my UK bought S5 without any success when trying to use it. The file downloads ok but all I get is a failed installation message. I also cannot get my pc running Windows XP with SP3 to recognise my phone as anything other than a generic camera and cannot transfer any media either way? I have no problems using similar software on my Sony Z2. My browser is Chrome version 43.0.2357.130. Is it already on my phone, and if so how do I access/run it?

  8. question: Installed Kies3 and connected my unlocked sm-g800f. Kies recognized it. I want to use the phone as a usb tethered modem. When I turn on USB tethering in the phone Kies shows the phone disconnected. Are there modem drivers installed with Kies 3? If so how do I use them?

  9. Hello,
    I’m in the UK. I connected my Samsung Galaxy s5 phone (purchased in Sept 2015) to my iMac via the USB cable that came with the phone and was astonished to discover that I cannot upload the files (music, photos, audio, pretty much everything) from my phone to the computer. I tried bluetooth also but to no avail. How is it that this hi tech phone cannot perform this very basic thing that older phones are able to do easily? Can you please advise what to do as I am trying to release phone memory, and memory on my iMac is definitely not an issue here.

  10. Hey,

    I have samsung galaxy s5 duos and after installing kies3 on my pc , the message “The ordinal 12404 could not be located in the dynamic link library mfc90u.dll” appears.
    What should I do? Pls help

  11. What can I do to completely remove Samsung kies from PC? I need to download new the latest version but mus first uninstall older version of kies and have been woefully unsuccessful to do so from the control panel.

  12. I have Samsung Galaxy S5 phone and need to move photos/videos from it to my Mac. The Mac has Kies already on it, but I can’t find an app for my phone. If I connect them to each other using the USB, the transferring process takes FOREVER. Is it faster with Kies Air? Do I have to use the USB with Air? What it the FASTEST way to transfer my photos/videos en masse to the Mac? Thanks

    I think my USB cable is broken and unless I have to, I’d rather not buy another. At the moment I’m using an old S3/4 cable.

  13. When will the marshmallow update for SM 900H come?
    Does it improve on performance and does the heating persist?

  14. i was using my s5 with a companie in canada, but i leave that companie and unlock my phone samsung s5. But kies 3 still dont work with my phone , please help :)

  15. What is latest software version for S5 mini in South Africa.. Please advise on Lollipop 5.1 if available ?

  16. kies 3 message device locked. My s5 is not locked also cannot connect to Smart switch the same message device locked. After system update of latest software I cannot connect to Kies 3 or Smart Switch my s5 is not locked.

  17. Just downloaded kies 3. There is no tab for contacts. Just Video Music & Photos. How do I transfer my contacts from my old phone ?

  18. Hello
    i have s5 T-Mobile (SM-G900T) it’s still running with android 4.4.2 … when i check if updating is available it says “registration failed ” .. i don’t know why like that … do u have any idea about this!

  19. Hi, I am in Jamaica and have been searching how to update my phone to the latest firmware but Kies keeps saying it is up to date. How do i Fix that problem as am running on iOS 5.0 and have a rotation issue

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