Root G900VVRU1ANI2 4.4.4 Update on Verizon Galaxy S5 SM-G900V using Towelroot

If it happens that you've already lose root after the Android 4.4.4 update dubbed with firmware build  G900VVRU1ANI2 on your Galaxy S5 SM-G900V Verizon version. You can still gain root on G900VVRU1ANI2 4.4.4 update using the same method that we have been proven worked on previous 4.4.2 update build G900VVRU1ANE9. The root process only requires some workaround by tweaking the stock kernel and then by installing Towelroot and the latest SuperSU into your phone.

In addition, this root method  requires you to revert back to G900VVRU1ANCG kernel version as *Geohot’s Towelroot* only covered and only worked on an older firmware build that did not exceed the June 3rd 2014 time limit. Once the G900VVRU1ANCG kernel installation has made you can then run Towelroot then simply flash back the new G900VVRU1ANI2 4.4.4 kernel build.

If you have nay doubt if this root method truly worked, our fellas at XDA-developers can confirm about that and it did actually worked on the latest G900VVRU1ANI2 4.4.4 KitKat update.

Good Work
Just finished everything went smooth still have root
4.4.4 build an12 thanks

Super easy guide to follow. Thanks OP

Worked like a charm on my Verizon SM-G900V that had taken the N12 OTA update.

The Root Process

1.) Take the OTA to G900VVRU1ANI2 4.4.4 .

2.) Once your phones starts put it back into download mode, and select G900V_NCG_Stock_Kernel.tar.md5 under PA and Click start and wait a few minutes.

3.) Once your phone restarts you may notice some apps will start to fail and force close, this is why I had you install Towel Root prior so we can get in and get out, Press Ok or Force Close continuously if necessary until you get Towel Root open and "Make it rain". Then turn off the phone and go back into Download Mode.

4.) Now flash NI2_stock_kernel.tar.md5 and let the phone restart

5.) Update the SuperSu binary from Play Store if necessary.

Just head-over at XDA-developers original thread for the step-by-step instructions.

Make sure to give thank’s to [JTidler] and to all of our XDA-Developers fellas for providing the necessary files and those who have risk their devices into some possible undesired outcomes.   Just drop some few words below if this root method has just worked out on your Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900V, so others may also knows about it.