Sprint Galaxy S5 Update G900PVPU2BOD3 version, Factory Reset Protection added

Sprint Galaxy S5  (SM-G900P) gets a new Lollipop update build version G900PVPU2BOD3. The latter is recently pushed via Over-the-Air OTA update and it said to bring  a  "Factory Reset Protection" feature. This feature allows Galaxy S5 owners to enable it within the device settings. Once the 'FRP' is enabled, no one can easily tries to factory reset the device without the owners credentials.

The G900PVPU2BOD3 is the second Lollipop update rolled out on Sprint Galaxy S5. The "BOD3" is still  in Android 5.0 base, but a much higher changes value compared to the previous build - G900PVPU1AOA6 way back in February.

 Here's what the technical details says about the G900PVPU2BOD3 update:

Device: Samsung Galaxy S5
Model Number: SM-G900P
Android version: 5.0 (lollipop OS)
Baseband version: G900PVPU1BOD3
Kernel version: 3.4.0-4631307
Build number: LRX21T.G900PVPU1BOD3

The kernel version which is now on "3.4.0-4631307" is much higher compared to the former G900PVPU1BOA6 update that gets at "3.4.0-3859396" value. This simply means that there are some significant changes happening here. You may not see any changes or differences between the latter and the former as it targets the entire Lollipop OS.  You might actually noticed some changes on speed and performance of the device which is also now added with  more protection.

So again, the update is now live via Over-The-Air, which apparently packed in around 373MB - file size.  The files size itself can tell that there are something on it.

Source: Sprint Support