Verizon Galaxy S5 Update version G900VVRU1BOD5 now comes with Fingerprint Scanner and Galaxy Apps installed

Verizon is now sending out  a new Lollipop update on Galaxy S5 (SM-G900V) that will then bumped up the software build version to G900VVRU1BOD5.  Apparently, it is just a small OTA update that comes with a handy Galaxy Apps installed and the  Fingerprint Scanner for unlocking Microsoft Exchange accounts add-ons.

The Galaxy Apps can be installed directly into the device by users choice. It can be downloaded via Samsung's website and it's already been there for a quite sometime now. There might have something special on this particular Galaxy Apps or rather than just some kind of an introduction to those who haven't tried and used it before.  But the valuable part of the update is the Fingerprint Scanner which can be use to unlock the phone by those who already have a Microsoft Exchange accounts.

The G900VVRU1BOD5 is now the 3rd Lollipop update landed on Verizon Galaxy S5 devices.  Stayed still in Android 5.0 base, which is apparently not the Android 5.0.2,  just like the ones found to the its successor — the Samsung Galaxy S6. According to Verizon Wireless support the update will be available via Over-The-Air (OTA) update but there are no indications to when the roll out will actually starts.  So just keep an eye of it through your Galaxy S5 settings, from Home Screen tap Apps>Settings>About phone>Software update.