How to Download Kies 3 for Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 uses Kies 3 for software upgrade and other useful functions.  Kies 3 is the utility software tool for updating your Samsung Galaxy S5 Android OS to any latest software update releases. Other than that there also other useful benefits of using Kies 3, including sync contacts, schedules, photos, music and videos from your computer to your Galaxy S5, back-up and restore your mobile data and among other stuff. Kies 3 is a free utility tool created by Samsung for their Android phone consumers. Some Samsung Galaxy S5 users do not use Kies, mostly these users are those with carrier branded Samsung Galaxy S5 devices which particularly received or delivered by their particular mobile network operators through over the air as so-called ‘OTA update’. But for those with unbranded or unlocked version of Samsung Galaxy S5 and did not experienced receiving any software update from ‘OTA’ before may only subject to use Kies 3.

How to Download Kies 3?

Kies 3 can be downloaded at Samsung’s official website, each country has it’s own Samsung particular support pages. To download Kies you must head-over to your specific country support page to download the right version of Kies 3 which also translated into different languages formats.
USA is here –
Canada is here –
For international Galaxy S5 users, you may look-up for your country here –
Once on Samsung website, just search for the Kies 3 download page or just simply enter Kies 3 in the search box field. You must choose Kies 3 and not the old version of Kies for it will not work on Samsung Galaxy S5 which runs on latest Android ecosystem. There are two software build formats down there which is particularly built for Windows and MAC computers.

Installation and Using Kies 3

From Samsung’s page, look for the botton that says Kies tutorial in there. You may simply watch the flash video tutorial or read the downloaded tutorial documents.

So that’s it, you might have now downloading the Kies 3 for your Samsung Galaxy S5.